218 Donna Lea Breezeway / Office Remodel

218 Donna Lea Master Suite Project
218 Donna Lea Breezeway / Office Remodel
218 Donna Lea "Front of House" renovation
2016 Bathroom remodel
by Melissa Weiksnar

Day 7: 05/10/2018
Brian the blinds installer came and installed blinds throughout the house. I'd temporarily used shades from the sunroom in the kitchen, living, and dining rooms. We decided on blinds (2-1/2" slats) because they can be fully retracted, and allow varying degrees of opening for privacy and sunlight. We have wood blinds across the front and side of the house. Brian commented how the wood is so good a match with the trim that it's as if it were custom. Also, it matches really well with the house exterior. Big lesson learned: find out how long an estimate is valid before ordering to avoid surprises!
Breezeway front before
...and after
Breezeway back before
...and after

Day 6 7/20/17
Only a few hours of work today. The old draperies don't look half bad with the wooden cornices removed! Electricians finished the last recessed light. Loren will be back early next week to complete the steps to the kitchen.
Tiles, recessed lights, file cabinet and Puppy

Day 5 7/19/17
The electricians installed the recessed lights, the heat mat thermostat, and the lantern over the side door.
Breezeway from the front

Day 4 7/18/17
The tiling and most grouting is complete. Loren had some leftover schulter that worked perfectly for the transition to the garage. Too bad more people won't see how wonderful it looks!
Entrance from garage

Day 3 7/17/17
Almost all tile put down -- cannot finish the pieces to the garage for lack of Schluter. Loren will not have to shave down the door to clear the tile -- just raise the weatherstripping. The gentle sparkles in the tile catch the sunshine.
View of tile near garage

Day 2 7/14/17
Most of floor tile put down. Loren discovered that the central air breaker had tripped and reset it so he was more comfortable working, and the floor will set better with the reduced humidity.
The new floor tile

Day 1 7/13/17
Next project: renovating the breezeway between the garage and the main part of the house.
Before: standing with back to basement door, garage door ahead. The groddy carpet has to go! Will also be saying goodbye to the remaining linoleum on the steps from the kitchen
View to the Florida room. St. Vincent DePaul will take the former owner's couch on the 23rd
View to the front. Curtains and cornices will go; fortunately the old blinds are in good shape and will do for now.
day 1 progress: Subfloor not as bad as Loren had feared. Radiant heat mat tested and laid. The dogs will love this feature! Denise came by so we could discuss the Schluter for the step bullnose and transition to the garage.